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Healthy Diet for Kids

Accomodating nutrients in the small tummy

Did you know that your child has higher nutritional requirements than adults*?

*Calculated for Per kg body weight basis ICMR 2010

Healthy Food For 2 Years

This is due to the high activity levels and growth and development during this phase. But how can all these nutrients be accommodated in their small tummy?

Healthy Food For 2 Years

Generally, the stomach of a child is about 500 mL at the age of 2 vs. 2000-3000 ml for an adult. Therefore, ensure that your child eats nutrient dense foods that will provide the nutrition that they need in a portion size they can eat. This can be achieved by including high-protein and high-fiber food in your child’s diet, especially during breakfast.

Homemade food is typically cereal-based with limited amounts of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and pulses. Depending on family practices, little or no animal source-based food is included. Consumption of such a diet may not support your child’s optimum growth and can make him/ her susceptible to infections.