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What are Ceregrow NutriPuffs?

NutriPuffs are puffs specially designed for your little ones. They are made with rice,
wheat and fruits to make your child’s snacking time tasty.

Loved by kids, chosen by Mums.

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Why choose Ceregrow Nutripuffs?


  • Ceregrow NutriPuffs are fortified with Vitamin B1 and Iron. These nutrients help support growth and development.
  • Iron contributes to normal cognitive development
Healthy Nutritions for Babies

A Tasty Snack:

A tasty snack:

Specially designed for your little one.

Nutrient Value:

Nutrient value:
  • Made with rice, wheat and fruits
  • Not Fried
  • No added colors and preservatives
Why Healthy Nutritions

Lower^ In Sugar:

Lower^ in sugar:

NutriPuffs is lower in sugar as compared to other similar products.

Importance of Healthy Snacking

WHO recommends including 1-2
nutritious snacks per day, in kids’ diet.
is why it is essential for your baby:

  • Healthy Baby Snack

    Curbs Hunger

  • Healthy Snacks - Ceregrow

    Growth & Development
    of a Child

  • Healthy Snack for babies - Ceregrow

    Boosts Child’s Energy

Most of the snacking options are unhealthy*, Nutripuffs is a tasty snack with nutrients for 2-5 year old kids.

* Snacks are unhealthy if they contain high sugar, high salt, trans fats and have low nutrient content.
  • Fat (g)

  • Sugar (g)

  • Vitamin B1(mg)

  • Iron (mg)


Other micronutrients present- calcium and zinc.


    RDA met for 2-3 year child RDA met for 4-6 year child
  • Vitamin B1

    31% 22%
  • Iron

    34% 24%
Let every occasion of snacking become tasty, nutritive** snacking for your child.
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