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NESTLÉ CEREGROW™ is a toddler cereal packed with nourishment of multigrain & benefits of 16 vitamins & minerals including iron.

#1 serve of Nestlé Baby Food, NESTLÉ CEREGROW™ provides:
  • of your child’s daily Iron requirement
  • of your child’s daily requirement
    of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D
    and Calcium *RDA 4-6 yr children as per ICMR 2010.
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Early childhood is an important phase

NESTLÉ CEREGROW™ baby food ensures complete nutrition to match the exponential rate at which a toddler’s/child’s growth & development take place in their early years.

  • Child Physical Growth
    Physical Growth

    60% of an adult’s standing height is achieved by the age of 5.

  • Cognitive Development
    Cognitive Development

    90% of the human brain is developed before the age of 6.

  • Child Immunity

    A child’s Immunity system continues to grow until the age of 5.

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Nutrition for your child

Ensuring proper nutritional development by the completion of their dietary requirements is essential for a child’s growth and development in their younger years. We bring you nutrition tips, hacks for tackling fussy eating and milestones for your growing child. So that you are able to cater to your child’s wholesome development and watch them grow up as healthy and happy children.

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Talk to experts

  • Jroy

    Jhuma Roy

    M.Sc. -Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Consultant

  • Nahuja

    Neha Ahuja

    M.Sc. - Foods and Nutrition Nutrition Consultant

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Wheat Child Nutrition Cup