A nutrient dense cereal for 2-5 year olds,
Ceregrow is packed with age-appropriate nutrients.

A full tummy does not ensure your child’s daily nutritional needs are met.
Ceregrow makes up for the lack of sufficient nutrition.

Ceregrow Nutrient Dence Breakfast
Did you Know?

#1 Serve of Ceregrow as a part of
balanced diet provides:

Ceregrow Nutrient Dence Breakfast *RDA 4-6 yr children as per ICMR 2010

Early Childhood
is an important phase

Nutrition plays a pivotal role, in supporting a child’s growth. A child’s cognitive, physical and
creative growth takes place at an exponential rate in their early years and nutrition is the key to it.

Growth Chart of your Child

Nutrition for your Child

Cater to your child’s wholesome development and watch them grow up as healthy and happy children.

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